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I’m Ákos,
the Graphic Designer

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designs that help you stand out

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Hey there!

I’m Ákos, a graphic designer
based in Sweden.

a graphic designer

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Building and
defining your brand

Designing digital
and print materials


My Work

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As brand manager at NYSA Sweden I was responsible for rebranding, designing and building a webpage.


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Kövesdi Körte

Label design for a Pálinka.

I was tasked with creating a vibrant yet clean look that used traditional Hungarian elements.

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Logo design and business cards for a door and window installation company that won't get thrown in the trash.

I was asked to create something that potential clients hang onto and makes them give a cal.l

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Logo design for a small media production group focused on videography and photography.

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Logo and emblem design made for the Budapest History Museum.

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This poster

Was Made

In 21 minutes

Daily poster challenge with a twist
Every day I design a poster under 21 minutes with creative restrictions and post it to Instagram.

700+ Posters | Over 245 hours of designing

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The Weekly Redesign

Every day I design a poster under 21 minutes with creative restrictions and post it to Instagram.

600+ Posters | Over 210 hours of designing

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The Weekly

Daily poster challenge with a twist.
A side project where I design a poster every day under 21 minutes and post it to instagram.
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The weekly redesign

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